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Link Aggregration Control Protocol (LACP) is used to combine multiple ethernet ports into a bundle.  This bundle shows up as one port to spanning tree protocol (STP) allowing multiple connections to occur between switches without blocking.  This protocol is also used to connect multiple server links to a switch to ... Read More
March 26, 2014Praveen Bahethi


Prior to 802.1q, switch vendors used proprietary methods to manage the transfer of VLAN tagged ethernet frames between switches.  These methods added the vlan to the frame  creating a proprietary frame.  Otherwise the other switch would put the frame in the vlan it's port was configured for. Each switch has the ... Read More
January 2, 2014Praveen Bahethi


Link aggregation protocols overcome spanning tree protocol's (STP) inherent design to block loops between switches by bundling of ports to appear as one logical connection to STP. With one logical connection, STP will not block the link but forward traffic.  Further the bundling can increase overall bandwidth between the switches. So ... Read More
December 28, 2013Praveen Bahethi