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What is Ethernet?

Ethernet was developed by Robert Metcalfe at Xerox PARC in the early 70s and is a packet switching technology that uses Carrier Sense Mulit-access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD). Carrier Sense The device (Network Inteface Card) determines if the media (wire) is available, no electrical signalling we can transmit. Multi-access All devices can sense the ... Read More
January 12, 2014Praveen Bahethi


Prior to 802.1q, switch vendors used proprietary methods to manage the transfer of VLAN tagged ethernet frames between switches.  These methods added the vlan to the frame  creating a proprietary frame.  Otherwise the other switch would put the frame in the vlan it's port was configured for. Each switch has the ... Read More
January 2, 2014Praveen Bahethi